Blueberry Cobbler with Quinoa

Hellllllllllllllo, summer!! Sweet, antioxidant-packed, organic blueberries are intermingled with a cake-like cobbler with quinoa and topped with dairy-free vanilla ice cream for a delicious, light dessert. 

In addition to this mouth-watering, gorgeous cobbler recipe I'm sharing with you today, I'm also sharing how making some simple (small) changes can impact both our bodies and the planet. ... Read more » about Blueberry Cobbler with Quinoa

Easy Olive Oil Cake

This easy olive oil cake is everything: rich, flavorful, decadent, airy and light with a crispy edge, completely gluten-free (though you'd never guess it!), and perfectly sweet and delish. You and your family will love this cake! 

First a confession... 

This cake took me a couple of tries to perfect.  ... Read more » about Easy Olive Oil Cake

Grain-Free Chocolate Heart Cookies

These little giftable Valentines' jars with grain-free chocolate heart cookie mix inside might be the cutest things ever. They're simple to assemble, you only have to add 3 ingredients to bake: milk, eggs, and oil, and they're absolutely delish! ... Read more » about Grain-Free Chocolate Heart Cookies

Dairy-Free Muddy Buddies with Coconut and Pistachios

These dairy-free muddy buddies are perfect for your holiday party. With nourishing additions like unsweetened coconut and crushed pistachios in place of some of the powdered sugar, this Christmas dessert is completely satisfying. 

Seriously, how completely delish do these look?! With flavors of chocolate, peanut butter, coconut, and pistachios, how can you go wrong? Answer: you can't. ... Read more » about Dairy-Free Muddy Buddies with Coconut and Pistachios

Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Bites

These dark chocolate pomegranate bites are such a fun, festive, colorful and EASY dessert to make over the holidays. They're naturally gluten-free and vegetarian and can even be made with dairy-free dark chocolate chips to make them vegan.  ... Read more » about Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Bites

Christmas Cookie Dough Balls + an Easy Lunchbox Idea

This gorgeous, red Christmas Cookie Dough is perfect for the holidays -- it's easy to make, easy to share, and easy to fall in love with. It's completely grain-free (which means it's also gluten-free), dairy-free, vegan, annnnnnnnnnnd it has a hidden (or not so hidden) veggie that gives it that beautiful intense color. 

The deep red color is from... beets, of course! We love beets because: ... Read more » about Christmas Cookie Dough Balls + an Easy Lunchbox Idea

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Bites with Cookie Dough Crust

These dark chocolate pumpkin pie bites are dairy-free, gluten-free, and the perfect treat with all the flavors of fall.  ... Read more » about Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Bites with Cookie Dough Crust

Carrot Cake Butterscotch Bark

All of the yummy flavors and key components to carrot cake, but in bark form. Naturally gluten-free, completely delish.  ... Read more » about Carrot Cake Butterscotch Bark