Nourishment + {Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese}

I was planning on sharing this recipe yesterday, but as I was writing...something didn't feel right about honoring Lorrie and then tacking on "and here's some mac & cheese."  Though I know she would have loved this recipe :) She loved savory meals paired with fresh fruit!  When I created this recipe, I was not really thinking about dieting or weight-loss or calories.  Nope, I was thinking about ... Read more » about Nourishment + {Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese}

New Rules + {Homemade Self-Rise Pizza}

It's been one of THOSE weeks!  My days have been memorable in terms of raising a happy, healthy child.  Babycakes is in the middle of her "wonderful twos" and never ceases to amaze me with her intellect, challenge me with her negotiation and reasoning, and drive me absolutely bonkers with her lack of obedience.  That sounds nicer than it could have, right?  Earlier this week, she exclaimed: "I just LIKE being naughty, Mommy!!" Don't we all... ... Read more » about New Rules + {Homemade Self-Rise Pizza}

Best Breakfast: {Egg & Sweet Potato Biscuit Quiches}

Well, I did some math... and Dear Hubby and I have shared approximately 3,000 breakfasts together.  And this weekend (this recipe) he said was the best breakfast I've ever 8 years of marriage.  Those are high compliments, especially since this meal was a bit of a breakfast experiment. I looked in the fridge. I saw what we had. I threw some things together. And BAM: perfection :) And the best part is, they look really beautiful and fancy but are so easy to make.  ... Read more » about Best Breakfast: {Egg & Sweet Potato Biscuit Quiches}